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Perception Labs pakub teadus- ja arendusteenuseid spetsialiseeritud tehisintellekti süsteemide arendamiseks. Paljudele ettevõtetele on kasulik olemasolevaid andmeid, rakendada ennustavaid mudeleid ning automatiseerida rutiinseid või ajakulukaid ülesandeid, seeläbi suurendades efektiivsust ja tulusust. Teeme koostööd Londoni Imperial College'i ja Cambridge'i ülikooli ekspertidega, et tuua teie ettevõttesse tipptasemel tehisintellekti teaduslahendused.

Natural Language Processing

Algorithms and models for automatically analysing large amounts of textual content.


NLP can be used for efficiently processing, segmenting and categorising documents, articles, web pages and social media posts.

Machine Learning

Automated systems learning to perform complex tasks based on example data.


Machine learning can be used to automate many information analysis tasks, producing models that are able to replicate human behaviour.

Data Analysis

Cleaning, processing and visualising data in order to reveal actionable insights.


Data analysis is an important tool for finding important patterns in the business process and guiding future strategies.

Machine learning allows us to build software solutions that exceed human understanding and shows us how AI can innervate every industry.

Steve Jurvetson
Board Member of SpaceX and Tesla

Applications of our

Text Classification

Processing large numbers of texts and automatically assigning them to specific categories.

  • Monitoring Twitter and finding all positive and negative mentions of a company.
  • Going through thousands of company reports and identifying sections that mention sustainability initiatives.
Text Analysis

Fine-grained automated processing of text, to identify various properties or extract relevant information.

  • Identifying various types of grammatical errors for improving the writing quality of articles.
  • Extracting disease mentions and gene names from biomedical research papers.
Predictive Modelling

Analysing previous data and learning to predict future behaviour.

  • Monitoring ECG signals in order to predict cardiac arrhythmias for critical care patients in hospitals.
  • Predicting the next word being written in text, for speeding up user input and correcting mistakes.
Personalised Systems

Dynamically adapting to the requirements and preferences of each individual user.

  • Recommending the most relevant content to a reader based on their previous browsing history.
  • Generating exercises that are tailored to the current level of a particular student.
Data Analytics

Analysing business data to reveal actionable insights.

  • Investigating insurance records in order to discover significant correlating factors for car accidents.
  • Interpreting and visualising property data to reveal underlying patterns in house pricing.

Working with your development team and providing AI expertise.

  • Organising a discussion session to outline possible AI applications for the company.
  • Attending project meetings with the development team, to provide additional AI expertise and advice.

We Are

Perception Labs is led by Marek Rei.


Marek specialises in machine learning and natural language processing, with Master's and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge. He has worked as a researcher at Cambridge and SwiftKey, which was later acquired by Microsoft.


Marek is currently a Lecturer at the Imperial College London, which ranks among the top 10 universities in the world. He is also a co-founder and scientific advisor for Transformative AI, building predictive AI systems for hospitals.


For Perception Labs, Marek collaborates with leading researchers from Imperial and Cambridge, providing the right expertise for each project.

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